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Resources and bibliography Introduction [RE] [RH] [RI] [RO] *John Rand, 37 Howland St, Fitzroy Square, London 1840-1846, 16 Berners St 1847-1848, artist and inventor of metallic collapsible paint tube, John Rand & Co 1848-1859, patent collapsible tube manufacturers for artists’ colours, Rand, Thorne & Co 1860-1863, Rand & Co 1864-1868, 24a Cardington St 1848-1868.

John Goffe Rand (1801-73), American artist and inventor of the metallic collapsible paint tube, took out patents in London on 6 March 1841 and 29 September 1842, and in America on 11 September 1841, relating to metallic collapsible tubes (see Most of Rand’s business was with the big manufacturing artists’ colourmen, for example with Roberson which made purchases until 1865 (Hamilton Kerr Institute, MS 180-1993).

"You're feeling close to nature by being outside and nurturing nature in some way. And if you're growing things, that's going to give you a feeling that you're sustaining things." 3.

Writng on: Andy Warhol This photograph may not be--ETC Released with photo/credit insert. (outer rim text with no manufacturing credits) Publishing info: A1 to A4, B1 to B5: Essex Int.

And more people are suffering from anxiety, which can lead to depression.

The foundation wants a "mental health promotion campaign that shows individuals how to look after their own mental health". We asked mental health professionals for some simple suggestions. Lightboxes The effect of long winters, some say, can be shortened with the use of lightboxes, which deliver a dose of bright light similar to daylight to alleviate seasonal depression.

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