Dating omega watches by serial number

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That would be Omega, Tissot, Longines, Rolex, and Zenith.

If there are official resources, they usually make their way into the Internet and therefore aren’t hard to look up.

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High-end brands like Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin kept (and keep) excellent records, and the serial number tables are available alright.

Some brands are documented well enough to establish a rough date of manufacture by production years of a particular model. On The Dash, which might just be the best Heuer resource out there, has entire lists of various references of particular model lines, with production years given.

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This extract is simply that – it is not an Omega Certificate of Authenticity.

A Reverso, for example, is commonly known by the number on the back of the case. The “Q” number will be on the paperwork and tag and the other on the case back.

Occasionally, a longer watch model number will be listed on the paperwork as well as in a similar format to the case back number.

However, the serial number charts are only available for a handful of manufacturers.

Usually for the ones that kept the records properly.

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