Dating rules playing hard to get

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A few days ago, a reader going by the name of Jimbob asked a very good question about feigning disinterest or playing hard to get with women.Here's the segment of his comment that had to do with it (I've added a few paragraph splits to increase readability): "But anyway what I wanted to ask you is regarding what I sometimes read about when I stumble on to PUA forums or other dating websites.For others, the game extends beyond high school, into college and beyond.They may even continue to treat their love life like an arcade well into their adult years, because that’s just how some people are.In fact, the HR associate is best friends with your brother’s college roommate’s sister.

These are the terrible tomfooleries you’ll potentially run into if you date enough these days. People play hard to get, but it's almost impossible to tell if they're playing hard to get or if they're flat out uninterested.Let me back up for a moment and explain why playing hard to get is a hard and fast rule in dating and why – if exercised in moderation – yields benefits in the long run.Regardless of one’s gender identity, playing hard to get could serve to test a potential partner’s willingness to commit.Dating and interviewing for a new job have more in common than one might think.You dress up for both, think through what you’ll say, try to put your best foot forward.

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