Dating young girls bangkok

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Nonetheless these girls are, after all, living on survival instinct and are just regular working class people trying to make a living. Have fun with them and pay them money, but by all means be wary of ever imagining a happy, normal marriage with them.They are usually happiest in their bar environment.They are also skilfully deceptive and can string you along with ‘white lies’ for months or years.To some it’s very obvious, however, many well-meaning men are ruthlessly extorted of money from bar girls, believing in their hearts they can ‘take the girl out the bar’.

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Let’s look beyond its notorious anything-goes sex industry and focus on its great nightlife. And with Bangkok’s friendly folk, as this CNNGo article suggests, you usually end any night out with more friends than you started with.

Don’t expect to find your ideal future wife in a bar. Bar girls make a living sleeping with anyone who has enough money to pay for them.

Bar girls have been spoilt by countless men before you and their loyalty will be entirely to your wallet.

Whatever your view, you might find this explanation of them at the levels of perception, intellect and reasoning an unusual and enlightening take on an old chestnut but please do remember this is a very subjective personal view…

Background: Thailand has been unusually sheltered from foreign influence and is the only South East Asian country to have not been colonised.

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