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Arab is the leading website for Arab singles looking for dating, friendship and love today.We pride ourselves in helping Arab singles from diverse backgrounds find men and women who meet their specific needs.He also told me that marriage is something really important and that it wasn't easy for him that we were involved while we were not married.I know that men/women relationships outside marriages are not allowed and that marriage is something really important in his culture, but he never proposed to me or mentioned it.Arab Lounge is currently the largest online Christian and Muslim dating service for Arabs.

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I've been searching the net for hours for information, came eventually across this forum.

I have found attractive, educated, dynamic, amazing people through online dating in major cities in five different countries around the world.

I am constantly amazed with the quality of people that I meet through online dating.

We had a wonderful time together, a time words cannot describe. However, he recently broke up with me because there was 'no future for us'.

I didn't understand - I mean, everything went very well between us.

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