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When a motorist inserts a debit card and enters the required personal identification number, the hidden device (which can be purchased on the Internet for less than 0) captures both the data from the card’s magnetic stripe and the PIN.

Later, the device is retrieved, and the stolen data is used to create a duplicate card to raid the victim’s bank account. With only a handful of manufacturers of gas pumps, one key in the hands of a thief who gets a job at one station can be used to open pumps and install other skimmers elsewhere, especially at night or when unattended. If you must use a debit card (and it has a Visa or Master Card logo versus being a cash-withdrawal-only card), choose the “credit” screen prompt, instead of “debit,” so you don’t have to enter your PIN.

I was rejected again and again, and I finally had to sign up for a card that required me to put down a cash deposit. It turns out that even though I love to shop, I’ve never been tempted to pay credit for something that I can’t pay off in full at the end of the month. I have a pretty passive relationship with my cards.

I use them to pay for everyday purchases and don’t think much about them beyond that.

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Suppose, on a DIY holiday, your airline goes bust before or during your trip. When you reach it and scroll down, it should reveal all 200-plus destinations plus the airlines that fly there.The extent of contingent spending – notably for new, short-notice flights – is likely to be several times higher than the original tickets. Based on price/city interest/beaches/food, Portugal's second city, Porto, looks like an excellent choice.You may be able to claim the full amount from a credit-card company, but not from a debit-card provider. But in my job, I inevitably end up talking with a lot of women about their money.And I was surprised to learn that many of you aren’t using credit cards at all.

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