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Last week, Meredith asked me how I feel about HAM Ryan (which is now, and will forever be his new tough guy name), and no, she is not alone. (Okay, "rubbing her nose in Brown" is a terrible mental image and for that I am sorry.) Meanwhile, Marissa isn't sure she wants to go to college at all, and she's kind of being a huge whiny baby about the whole thing.I also have some strong crush-y feelings for angry Ryan. It's understandable that she was scarred by the assault, but the thing that's really bothering her is that she shot Trey (MMM WHAT YA SAYYY), and she can't deal with having to explain it on her admissions essay.As if attempting to thaw out the Ice Queen isn’t enough, there’s the unthinkable part II: resisting Mc Garrity. To prove Jane isn’t a killer, Finley will have to buckle down and work with Liam.

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Interest in nighttime walks through the woods a plus. She prefers her heroes alpha and half-dressed, her heroines witty, and she loves nothing more than watching them overcome adversity to fall into bed together.

Unfortunately for Summer, Taylor the Terror is also thinking of going to Brown, and is gleefully rubbing Summer's nose in it.

Seth is the only one who really seems to have it figured out - Seth has always wanted to get as far away from California as possible, which is why he's chosen Brown.

I learned this when I opened the app to try and use it.

They probably plan to expand to London eventually, but as of spring 2017, it’s not available in London.

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