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A section of Mombasa entertainment industry players last night hooked up for an iftar at Makwetu Villas in Nyali.

The meeting was organised by Banduka entertainment.

Casaurina is just as packed on a Tuesday night as a Saturday.

Get a table in the raised section on the left side of the club.

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Nafsi Huru, born Musa Adam was raised in the coastal parts of Kenya, Mombasa where he got the influence of Swahili and started his passion in arts and engaged in performance arts at a very tender age actively participating in school events and competitions.Be prepared to see white, wrinkly hands groping the butt cheeks of sexy, seemingly under-aged young ladies. But when the night starts hotting up, he plays a fun mixture of local Kenyan tunes, dance music from other parts of Africa, and tons of Rihanna. (1 KES ~ 1 cent.)Contact: 254 0734872968 / [email protected]: In Mtwapa.Drunken locals (of both sexes) will try and seduce you on the dance floor. Heading north on the Mombasa-Malindi road, it is on the right side of the road just after the Mtwapa Bridge.He did three music videos for the songs 'Still Strong', '254 - 256 cypher' and 'Ukweli'.Nafsi Huru embraces live music and performs with the Swahili Jazz Band where he is part of the management team.

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