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Not all reality shows are about drama but “Flavor of Love” is not included on that list.

true story: our father never let my oldest sister or i wear make-up and because of this i'm the worst at drawing straight lines💄wings liner is an automatic fail.Shaq also has a 19-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.Shaq and Leticia have been dating since 2014, when they were first seen celebrating Shaq’s birthday at a club in Atlanta.We’ve followed your relationship over the last few years, and you guys were very cute and best friends. I don’t want to say anything that may offend him, or if he thinks or looks at it differently–out of respect for him, but we just started seeing two different things. To be able to just be there and to still be okay with me letting all that go. He has a big career on his hands too, [he is a UFC fighter], but we’re juggling the time between our relationship and our careers between each other.I just feel like, I started losing a little bit of who I was. It’s been over seven years since you’ve done reality TV, what influenced your decision to return? We started the love shows [with Flavor of Love], and we started the challenge shows. And I’m not taking away from any of the family shows on TV. I think I just wanted to bring a different element of real. Click here to read the full interview at xo Necole.

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