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Before this, the girls had been attending schools scattered throughout Paisley and district.The ages of the pupils were between 10 and 13 years and within a 2 week period, they would work and be educated in equal proportion of time.

Speaking about his NCTJ training Tom said: “When you’re training to be a journalist, it’s important to know that the quality of that training is not only of a high standard, but is recognised as such by the industry.But, as she tried to flee the property, Bunyan - who was already on bail for another incident - tumbled to the bottom of the stairs, leaving herself with severe bruising on her face.The victim, who is now 20, also suffered serious cuts to her face and head and was treated at Paisley's Royal Alexandra Hospital.And is it correct that the on Wednesday in response to a leader about recent events concerning a Ukip councillor and some rather bold weather predictions.For those of you that don't speak Farage, I've have provided this handy translation...

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