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Will it be love at first sight, or will they leave alone? What do you think will be the most difficult part about living inside the Big Brother house: Not being able to talk to my family will be very difficult.He has a great beard, wore camo and generally was a good dude. Do you have a strategy for winning the game: Befriend everyone, identify strengths and weaknesses of each competitor and determine whom to form alliances with.Specifically, I would be good friends with the female housemates, they are critical in moving chess pieces in the house. I have three: “Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” “Don’t take life too seriously, you’ll never make it out alive." -Van Wilder, and finally "And every time I see the sunshine, I drop down and give thanks at least one time." - Lil Wayne What would you take into the house and why: Age: 31Hometown: Tuskegee, Ala. Occupation: Government Engineer Three adjectives that describe you: Uber-optimistic, energetic and determined Favorite Activities: My favorite activities are eating and trying out different restaurants, attending happy hours, running, creative writing, speaking and reading as many books as my attention span will allow., and it wasn’t long before the show became a TV hit and a hairstyle-inspiring cultural phenomenon.Fans could relate to their 20-something angst, dating ups and downs, and the idea that when all else fails friends “will be there for you" (to quote the show’s theme song.)lasted for 10 seasons (not to mention it’s eternal syndication) and a big part of its success was the chemistry of its tight-knit cast that stuck together onscreen and off. Here's a look at their lives then and now..members, Aniston was the biggest tabloid target during the show's run because of her five-year marriage to Hollywood hottie and then rising star Brad Pitt.

The talented actor also has an eye on a directing career: King directed an episode of Southland and is set to direct an episode of Scandal.Fun fact: Parker, who played Lexus in 2005's Hustle & Flow, says she and her husband battled homelessness when her acting career stalled.She's since picked up the pieces: Parker recently appeared on True Blood and now stars in the reality TV series Hollywood Divas.Like Aniston's "Rachel" haircut, Le Blanc stirred up a bit of a pop culture trend with Joey's favorite pickup line and much repeated TV catchphrase “How you doin’?" Life after , the hilarious improv web series turned Showtime show produced, written by and starring Kudrow, that really launched her back into the spotlight.

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