Radio aire dating

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She was born in Denver, Colorado, the daughter of Joyce and Ralph Simpson.Her musical skills were encouraged by both parents in her younger years.My granddad Geoff was a wonderful man and I wanted to find a man just like him – a gentleman and a family guy who would love me forever.My husband Chris often reminds me of him and I know if he were here he would approve.

Like all marriages we have had tough times and there have been occasions when I’ve thought, “What have I done?” When I look at him though I know that’s it, he is the one and I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to be with another.I happen to believe that monogamy is a wonderful thing – to love one person and to spend your life with them is very special.The hugely popular Kate Moss X Equipment collaboration also featured a star print blouse, and cool brand M.i.h have joined in the action too, both of which you can find in our edit below.If you want to be a style star on a budget though, try the style by M&S for £19.50, or Katie's Mango one of course!

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