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I’ve realized a thing, which is going to require me telling this out of sequence. Flash backwards to the Surrey International Writers Conference, which is my favorite conference. One of the things that I noticed, right away, was that they had a sign language interpreter.

At the last convention, Genre Con (which was amazing), in Brisbane Australia, I initially thought the hotel was sharing space with a medical convention, because I saw a higher percentage of wheelchair users than I’m used to seeing. I’ve noticed a wheelchair users there, which I’d not given much thought to, honestly. In hindsight, again, I’m realizing that there’s a reason that I saw more than one group of fans conversing in ASL. So, it’s understandable why a first year con not think about being ADA compliant. there’s no reason why a panelist should have to address a room from the floor, while the other panelists are elevated on a platform.

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Wide aisles, elevators, level speaker spaces, microphones… By which I mean that the city did not make them unable to experience it in equal measure with bi-pedal people. At SFWA, the Nebula Awards Weekend has a disability coordinator whose whole job is just to make sure it’s compliant.

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