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If you are interested in using AIDA commercially, please let us know!

Stay up to date with AIDA news and releases, send a mail to: [email protected] AIDA is a framework and online tool for entity detection and disambiguation.

‎ Gog u-Magog) in the Hebrew Bible may be individuals, peoples, or lands; a prophesied enemy nation of God's people according to the Book of Ezekiel, and one of the nations according to Genesis descended from Japheth son of Noah.

The Gog prophecy is meant to be fulfilled at the approach of what is called the "end of days", but not necessarily the end of the world.

Given a natural-language text or a Web table, it maps mentions of ambiguous names onto canonical entities (e.g., individual people or places) registered in the YAGO2 knowledge base.

You can try AIDA on any text you like in the online demo.

Ambiverse is a spin-off from the Max Planck Institute for Informatics, creating solutions based on the AIDA technology.

Ambiverse provides solutions for automatic text understanding and intelligent text production and is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with an EXIST Transfer of Research grant.

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Christianity's interpretation is more starkly apocalyptic: making Gog and Magog allies of Satan against God at the end of the millennium, as can be read in the Book of Revelation.

In case you are interested in using AIDA programmatically, the source code is available on github.com/yago-naga/aida.

To experimentally verify the quality of AIDA, we annotated nearly 1,400 newswire articles with the entities mentioned in each article.

In the hands of Early Christian writers they became apocalyptic hordes, and throughout the Medieval period variously identified as the Huns, Khazars, Mongols, or other nomads, or even the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

The legend of Gog and Magog and the gates was also interpolated into the Alexander Romances.

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